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Image courtesy of LUXScotland. Photo credit: Erika Stevenson

Abigail Webster
PhD Researcher, Northumbria University

Abigail Webster (she/her) is a worker in and researcher of the contemporary art sector who is based in Edinburgh.  


She writes about the ways in which contemporary art organisationsfunded through state subsidy are shaped through administrative infrastructures,and the political and social effects of state administration upon culturalprocesses and outputs.  

She has worked with artists to organise and deliver projects atorganisations including LUX Scotland, Edinburgh Art Festival and EmbassyGallery.  

Image description: The photograph shows a white woman in her late twenties standing in front of a cinema screen, shot from the right side of the stage. She has mousey-blonde, shoulder-length hair and wears glasses with clear frames. She is wearing a yellow blazer over a white t-shirt. As she stands in front of the microphone reading a speech from an A4 sheet of paper, her words are being live-captioned. These captions appear on the screen, as white text overlayed on a grey background. Fragmented portions of text appear in the photograph, including “distributed, revised, and maintained within groups of people”, “antithesis of memory”, “exercises of power” and “of empire and its hegemony”.

Thesis title:
Politics of administrative infrastructures: contemporary art organisations in Scotland funded through state subsidy

Projected Award Date: 30/09/2024
Principal Supervisor: Prof Andrea Phillips
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