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The BxNU Institute supports experimental artistic and curatorial research and practice. It is a collaboration between Northumbria University and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.
BxNU Institute
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Lead image: Aastha Bariollia, The Epic – Virus, 2020. BxNU Institute image: ‘Bad Spirits and the Incidental Unit at the Experimental Studio, June 2019. Photo: Rob Tickell. Events image: Adura Onashile and Graham Eatough HeLa, June 2014. People image: : ‘Andrea Phillips, ‘Instituting Otherwise, BAK Utrecht, December 2019. Photo: BAK.’ MFA image: ‘James Hall, Acquiescent Obsolescence, in Better than Strangers, Another Trip Around the Sun, October 2020. Photo: BALTIC.’ CCIM image: ‘Participants in the AHRC research project ‘(Multi)Cultural Heritage’ tour the Manchester Jewish Museum, Feb 2018.Photo K. Boodhai” Experimental Studio image: Experimental Studio door. Photo: Rob Tickell.