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TOTALALAZOLA! 'Tot-Tot-Totalalazola!'by TOTALLER, 2019, The NewBridge Project, Gateshead, image Matthew Pickering.

Lesley Guy
PhD Researcher, Northumbria University

My research is part of a wider, collaborative practice but within this academic space I focus on examining and exploring the methods, and spaces, of collective art making. In particular, collective world building, as a response to the paradigm of individualism and perceived inability to affect change associated with neo-liberal conditioning. I ask: how can collaborative art practices and fictionalising modes such as storytelling, and game playing be used to create alternative spaces? Places for making-with and generating positive relationships.

Thesis Title:
Temporary Totalities: Creating spaces for collective contemporary art practice.

Projected Award Date: 30/12/2022

Principal Supervisor: Allan Hughes

Second Supervisor: Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson
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