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Alan Lynn
PhD Researcher, Northumbria University

Being a PhD researcher with the BxNU Institute places me at the convergence of theory and practice in a social and experimental way. This convergence is a great opportunity for coproduction of research and writing. My research interests have developed from a specific understanding of UK cultural policy and the complicated relationship it has with knowledge. Notions of care, redistribution and justice are increasingly important in my understanding. There are many societal harms prevalent in the field of cultural policy. My research seeks to name and undermine the mechanisms that create, support, and benefit from these harms. The complexity of this aim is increased by the dual nature of these mechanisms. Firstly they create; secondly they render acknowledgement and critique nearly impossible. 'It is, after all, the peculiar genius of systems of domination—patriarchy, capitalism, racism—that they are able to reconstitute themselves materially under new representational orders. These systems are gifted at transforming attempts at worldmaking into acts of mere redescription.' (Srinivasan, 2019, 146). Srinivasan, Amia. (2019). VII — Genealogy, Epistemology and Worldmaking. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 119(2), 127-156.

Projected Award Date: 01/10/2022

Principal Supervisor: Professor Andrea Phillips

Second Supervisor: Dr Julie Crawshaw
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