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Research Exchange:
Our own little worlds, we made them together
Thu 19 May, 2pm
Northumbria University Campus 2pm & BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Front Room 5pm
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As part of their final show, which takes the audience on a sensorial journey through various worlds, students on the BALTIC x Northumbria University Masters in Fine Art are hosting a research exchange event with a range of invited specialists in the field of somatics. 


We wish to invite participants to join with us in building a world from our imagination. This can be the re-building of an old world, or the dreaming of a new one. What is art, if not a flight into the imagination? And what are the senses, if not a doorway into this world? As part of our workshop, there will be an array of objects,materials and methods for us all to play with, including collage, construction,painting, poetry, drawing and aromatic arranging. We hope to see you soon for this collective world-building.

What to expect: The event begins at Gallery North, City Campus, Northumbria University, at 2pm with refreshments and a tour of our show, My own little world, I made it for you. Transport is provided from campus to BALTIC Centre of Contemporary Art at 4pm for a tour of the Vasseur BALTIC Artists' Award exhibition. At 6pm in Front Room, there will be an introduction to the workshop, followed by a playful hands-on exploration of the notion of world-making. The workshop will end by 7.15pm, to be followed by a light supper with catering from Samosas Sisters and The Graze Newcastle.

If you would like to join us for a handful of practical workshops involving all the senses; learning more about the sensorium and the role of the gut, in all its understandings relevant to our everyday contemporary existence, please register here.

Find out more about the exhibition My own little world, I made it for you here

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