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Everyday, Future, Waiting Installation view, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art 2020. Photo: The House of Hues © 2020 BALTIC

MFA Interim Exhibition
Everyday, Future, Waiting
Fri 9 - Sun 25 Oct 2020
BxNU Experimental Studio | BALTIC 39

Aastha Bairolia / Eva Hopper / Will Hughes / Christine Partridge / Dana Smith

Everyday, Future, Waiting is a group show produced by the BxNU MFA first year students. This exhibition consists of a variety of works including painting, drawing, sculpture and film. It will take place in the Experimental Space at BALTIC 39. Below is a short introduction by each artist about the work they have produced for the show.
Invitation only

Aastha Bairolia

There is always a connection between the past and the present…The only thing one has to do is to find the place that they develop a connection…
The past is a history that no one can solve…
The present is a gift that is soon to be history…
The future is truly a mystery…
The place where I stand, I want to solve this mystery of history…

Eva Hopper

To step around a corner and rediscover yesterday consumes my every day. Memories stick, time passes, and thoughts remain as do I transfixed by a past where its traces flow back into my tomorrows. They Lay Where They Fall has materialised from memories, discarded objects, toys, furniture and clothing, once loved, used, played with and worn.

Will Hughes

This work explores human themes such as touch, belonging and sensuality, through the use of everyday and constructed objects as well as lyrics which title the works. The work seeks to seduce the viewer through materials and the often slow mechanical repetitive movements of the work.

Chris Partridge

A tree and a bacterium. The compound, multicellular organism and a single cell. Two sites of meeting, of touch, sight, experience and thought. With both we have a long intimate and enmeshed relationship stretching back to our earliest ancestors. Both are constituent parts of a complex, interrelated, multispecies system and are the focus of my current research.

Dana Smith

As a meditation on automatic expression, this work explores schisms between inward experimental knowledge of the self and intellectual perceptions of truth. They reflect my pursuit of richer modes of self-expression as a transgender woman. This is attempted through the analysis of unconscious behaviour and the exploration of the theological notions of Gnosis and Epignosis.

The BxNU Master of Fine Art (MFA) at Northumbria University has been developed in partnership with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. The two-year course offers ambitious artists the opportunity to participate in a unique postgraduate degree programme, centred on the dynamic and critical culture of the BxNU Institute at BALTIC 39.

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