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BxNU Respond:
The Curves of the Needle
Wed 1 Apr 2015

BxNU Respond is an ongoing dialogue between current Northumbria University post-graduate students and PhD researchers, and the exhibitions by artists and curators in BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39.

For BxNU Respond: The Curves of the Needle, two proposals were selected and further developed with artist Graham Dolphin and Allan Hughes from Northumbria University to produce two live events in response to the exhibition.

James Watts: Dust Might

Using the clicks and pops inherent in vinyl playback as medium, Dust Might examines the minute particles that find their way onto the record surface. Given their own space in a blank groove and expanded through amplification, imperfections are allowed a chance to perform on their own terms, and dust is given voice.

Currently in the first year of the BxNU Master of Fine Arts programme at BALTIC 39, James Watts incorporates performance, installation, and sound to explore ideas that relate to myth making and ritualized or quasi-ritualized objects. Utilising obsolete and discarded audio technology, a commune with a device or locale is attempted and change is affected through live action. Technological flaws are made manifest and devices are activated from outmoded states into living artefacts.

Rachel Errington: MY CURVES / YOUR NEEDLE

MY CURVES/YOUR NEEDLE is the debut single from the forthcoming conceptual record by artist Rachel Errington. The audience will be rewarded with an exclusive premier of the merchandise and a performance of the single. This is bedroom culture at its most basic level.

Currently in the second year of the BxNU Master of Fine Arts programme at BALTIC 39, Rachel Errington implements a simplistic, DIY visual attitude that questions the complex ideas surrounding the body politic. Exploring empowerment and ownership of space, Errington brings the big-budget production concept album into the dirt of political discourse and DIY attitude.

Thanks to: Graham Dolphin, Allan Hughes and Sandra Johnston

THE CURVES OF THE NEEDLE, 3 APRIL – 17 MAY 2015, BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39

The Curves of the Needle considers a recurring interest in the vinyl record by artists. This group exhibition explores album artwork, the cultural significance of the record collection and brings together contemporary artists who have experimented with the format, including; alt.vinyl, Sam Belinfante, The Basement Group, David Blandy, Ralf Brög, Rutherford Chang, Rhodri Davies, Dj78, Graham Dolphin, Benedict Drew, Julian Germain, Rodney Graham, Bruce Haack, Jandek, Philip Jeck/Lol Sargent, Jim Lambie, Locus+, Christian Marclay, Jonathan Monk, Elizabeth Price, Eliane Radigue, Sun Ra, Lathe Revival, Jonty Semper, David Toop, Bartholomäus Traubeck, Michael Wilkinson, X-Ray Audio, :Zoviet*France: as well as a display of fan-made record covers and record inners sourced from RPM records and a commissioned text on record sleeves by writer Harry Pearson.

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