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BxNU Respond:
Playing Myself
Thu 8 - Sun 11 Dec 2016

Playing Myself
is a BxNU RESPOND event, presented as an intervention to Pester & Rossi's exhibition, A Bodyssey Odyssey.

Denton’s group of performance videos are projected and nestled at angles around BALTIC 39’s Project Space. Each video depicts a struggle, a futile task which may never achieve its purpose. The works are interspersed between existing Pester & Rossi works and interact with the existing sculptures.

Denton’s works act as further catalyst for the ‘active lab’ space already formed in A Bodyssey Odyssey utilising any small gaps between the inflatables, props and costumes. The overlapping soundtracks add a cacophony of sound that mirrors the existing array of colour. Denton's work acts as a counterpoint to the exhibition’s joyful zenith of 'cosmic pleasure', portraying the desperate toil we often take in trying to get there. Denton 'plays herself' by performing and stylising her actions, and in doing so, invokes the urban dictionary definition of the title: she undermines herself, she reveals a weakness.

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